+ Cocoa

+ Cocoa

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An indulgent yet sensible treat that melds the nutty notes of our roasted date stones with the warmth of cocoa.


    With the guiding spirit of "chocolate makes everything better" comes this latest addition to our range: + Cocoa. Accentuating the chocolatey notes of our Medium Roast as a base, we add cocoa powder sourced from our sister company in Sri Lanka to craft a mocha-esque delicacy that can be enjoyed hot or cold, any time of year.


    Our date stones are sold with a fine-to-medium grind to suit filter and infusion applications, but can be sold whole or as a different grind by special request.


    * Please note that while the date stone base of the +Cocoa flavor is naturally caffeine-free, cocoa powder contains a small percentage of naturally-occurring caffeine.


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