Date Stone Oil

Date Stone Oil

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The splendid source from which Nawa was born, our Date Stone Oil is all-natural and powerful.


    The genesis of Nawa was rooted in our pursuit of date stone oil. Tiny, almost impossibly hard and encasing an oil of tremendous reverence and legend, we tried to break the stones apart to test them for oil. One of our experiments involved roasting the stones to soften them, and as they gave off aromas of caramel and coffee, we realized that we had come across something unexpected, yet familiar to the culture of Oman in what would become our Nawa coffee alternative.

    We never forgot our starting point, and over the past year, we’ve been hard at work trying to crack the stones for the oil within… and after an EXTREME amount of creative thinking and hard work, we are proud to announce our latest addition to our range: Nawa Date Stone Oil.

    100 percent pure and entirely cold-pressed - NO chemicals, NO heat - from fresh, unroasted Omani date stones, our oil is smooth, delicate and naturally sweetly scented. Date stone oil is prized as a potent skin serum with moisturizing and rejuvenating properties - it will make your skin glow, and it can replace your daytime and nightly skin regimen.


    Our production process takes place in Muscat, Oman, and we ship all orders from here. We ship to international destinations on Mondays and Thursdays from Muscat via our preferred shipping partner, Oman Post, but we can ship by other courier services by special request.


    For the time being, we are only able to satisfy orders made for our Date Stone Oil within Oman.


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